Good bye, UDS Horse and Rider Registration

In the past, Horse and Rider registration helped the UDS keep track of who is riding what horse in competition.

With recent changes in data management, it became clear that the horse and rider information was no longer needed, but a unique identifier for each horse would be required.

UDS Horse and Rider Registration Form


** UDS no longer requires horse and rider registrations **
as of the 2010 competition year

When you complete the UDS Membership Form , you will indicate if you are the owner of a horse. Your horse will require a USDF Lifetime Registration number or a USDF HID number ($20 one-time fee to USDF).

  • Please be sure to understand the difference between these two numbers, as a HID does not allow you to compete for some USDF awards.
  • Go to the USDF web site to download the form.

For the 2010 competition year and beyond, the UDS will track all scores for any rider who is a member of UDS at the time that scores are earned.

Both the owner and rider must be members of UDS
at the time scores are earned
your horse must have a USDF LHR or HID number

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