Registered Horse and Rider List - RETIRED

The UDS has retired the horse/rider registration requirement.

For 2010 and beyond, scores from UDS recognized shows will be tabulated for all horses who are owned and ridden by current UDS members at the time the scores are earned.

This change was designed to streamline the tabulation process and avoid missing scores. It does mean the the RIDER and OWNER must be current UDS members AT THE TIME THE SCORES ARE EARNED.

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gryphon and stephanie UDS Year-End Awards

The UDS sponsors year-end awards for UDS members for Training Level through Grand Prix, as well as Freestyle and Quadrille. Year-end Award scores must be earned during a single year at UDS recognized shows. Awards are given in Junior/Young Rider, Adult Amateur and Open divisions. Except for Grand Prix Freestyle and Quadrille, a horse-and-rider combination that wins a first place Year-end Award may not again qualify for a Year-end Award for the same level and division. See the Award Rules for complete awards information and qualifications.

Equine Achievement Awards ali and madison

UDS designed this award to spotlight exceptional equine talent. Equine Achievement Awards are awarded to a particular horse competing at UDS recognized shows. A horse may earn a UDS Equine Achievement Award at each level. There is no time limit for earning qualifying scores. The horse's owner will receive an engraved plaque for the first UDS Equine Achievement Award the horse earns. An engraved notation will be added to the plaque for each subsequent UDS Equine Achievement Award the horse earns. See the Award Rules for complete awards information and qualifications.

trophies UDS Perpetual Trophies

The following awards are for UDS members and are awarded the on the second day of the UDS Annual Show. These awards are perpetual trophies that are retained for a period of one year.

Charles Behring Memorial Trophy - Highest Training Level Score
UDS First Level Trophy - Highest First Level Score
Oquirrh Dressage Trophy - Highest Second Level Score
Anakako Melody Memorial Trophy - Highest Third Level Score
Laura Williams Tolman Memorial Trophy - Highest Fourth Level Score
Deer Meadow Dressage Trophy - Highest Prix St Georges Score
Johanna Adolphi Intermediare Trophy - Highest Intermediare Score
Millbrook Farm Grand Prix Trophy - Highest Grand Prix Score
Sean Porter Buell Trophy - Highest Score for Pony Test of Choice
Nick VanPelt Memorial Trophy - Highest Freestyle Score
Sage Creek Masteras Trophy a Highest Score Rider 55 years or older

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